The healings alone are worth over £400 if purchased separately

If your abundance energy is blocked, this means that your vibration is low, and you will find it difficult to attract money, health, happiness and the good things of life.

In this powerful package or video trainings and recorded healings, we clear away hundreds of limiting beliefs, release negativity from your energy field, magnify positive energy and use my exclusive Catapult Technique to reprogram your cells with the vibration of abundance.
How much of your stress is due to money problems?  Before money can flow into your life, you have to hold the energetic vibration of money and abundance, not only in your conscious mind, but throughout your being, which means getting rid of internal sabotage on the deepest level.  I've worked with many people over the years who have struggled with abundance, and this online programme is designed to empower you past these blocks and shift your energy around money at the most profound level.

So often we have blocks about allowing ourselves to have, receive and earn money, as if money is a bad thing. Think about this for a moment.....what do you want money for?  Everyone deserves to have financial security, to go through their live without worrying about how they'll pay the next bill. Everyone deserves to be able to help their children with their education and their future.  Everyone deserves to enjoy a well-deserved holiday every now and then.  If we allow ourselves to receive, our stress level dramatically reduces, and we become stronger, happier and more positive.  Everyone around us then benefits.

What if you were to allow yourself to receive so much that you could help many people with your generosity? What if you could pay to build those new hospital wings, pay for clean water in other parts of the world?  Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?
Money gives freedom, choice and opportunity.  Money is energy.  There's no reason why you can't allow the universe to bring more of that energy into your life so you and all those around you can benefit.  So why not raise your vibration to allow the universe to send you unlimited abundance.

This healing includes activations to clear typical and not so typical limiting beliefs around money and abundance, it disconnects you from group conscious fields of lack and poverty, connection to group conscious energies of limitless abundance, plenty and prosperity.  You also receive energy healings to clear cellular memory from lack and fear around money, and to increase your ability to hold and maintain the vibration of money.

You receive 12 video trainings and healings, designed to be watched on 12 consecutive days.  These are carefully designed to be done in order to clear your abundance blocks from the deepest quantum level of your being, working up through your body and subconscious mind into your conscious world.
Quantum Clearing
(To spring-clean your quantum energy form deep-seated negativity.)
Quantum healingto release cellular negativity, self-sabotage and money blocks and to bring source energy and light into your cells, transmuting the old stuck energies into high vibration love.
Sacred Activations Healings
(to clear limiting beliefs and unplug you from fear-based group conscious energies.)

Debtors' Prison- 
Free yourself from the beliefs that keep you in debt

I am worthy- 
Clears deep-seated beliefs of being unworthy and undeserving which block you from receiving abundance.

Caste System Money
Free yourself form being stuck at the financial level of your family and ancestors and become comfortable with everyone regardless of how much money they have.

Money is Evil/Dirty and Rich People Suck
Clear the negative beliefs about money and people who have it. While you hate rich people you won't allow yourself to become one.

Disconnect from Poverty Consciousness-
 Unplug from the group consciousness of poverty and lack and plug into the group consciousness of prosperity, plenty and abundance.

Magnify positivity in your energy field to help the Law of Attraction. Shift your focus onto the things you want to create more of instead of 
dwelling on what you want to change.

Activate Your Money Gene-
 Speaks for itself!! 
Energy Healings
(To actively set up the energy of what you want to create.)
Create- a beautiful, relaxed relationship with money
Manifest- get into the flow of abundance and money
Manifestation and Creation
(To clear and reprogramme your cellular memory)
Release- Fear of not having enough money and fear of how your life will change if you do have money.
Expand- increase your ability to hold and maintain the energy of abundance.
"I took the magnetic abundance programme and I absolutely loved it. I loved the videos that Anne made explaining everything and the Sacred Activation meditations were so lovely to listen to. I looked forward each day to the next instalment and it was disappointing when it came to an end."

"But the best thing is that you have access to them after the programme ends and I feel every time I listen to them, I gain more and more.
In terms of my abundance, I've definitely noticed a shift in my financial abundance. More with being able to clear the debt, which is great because I had been struggling getting out of debt before this."

"Now I'm starting to be able to accumulate the money.
But it's not just the money. I'm now a lot more grateful and happy, my health is the best it's been in a while and I'm moving forward with what I really love doing in my business."

"It's been such a fantastic programme, and I look forward to doing some more of Anne's programmes."
Simply watch the videos online from your laptop or phone.  You can listen to the MP3 healings on your phone or laptop, or download the healing files onto your laptop. Listen to them while relaxing, put them on as you fall asleep, or have them on in the background. DO NOT listen to these while driving!!
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